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Guide to Applying for Passport Online: Documentation, Registration, Fees, and Procedures

Guide to Applying for Passport Online: Documentation, Registration, Fees, and Procedures

The Government of India has introduced a transformative approach to passport application procedures with the advent of its online platform, PassportSeva. Simplifying the process for Indian nationals, presented below is an exhaustive procedural guide for successfully navigating the intricacies of passport application:

1. Registration on Passport Seva Website:
Initiate the process by visiting the Passport Seva website and locating the 'New User? Register Now' button.

Complete the online form meticulously, ensuring the selection of the appropriate 'Passport Office' and opting for the nearest office from the dropdown menu.

Create login credentials in compliance with the portal's terms and conditions, including setting up a hint question for password retrieval.

2. Logging into Passport Seva Website:
Access the official website and proceed to the 'APPLY' section.

Existing users can log in using their credentials, while first-time users are required to follow the registration process delineated above.

3. Choosing Application Type:
Upon successful login, choose the desired service type from a range of options such as fresh passport, passport reissue, diplomatic passport, official passport, etc.

4. Filling the Application Form:
Opt for either online or offline form submission. Download the application form from the website in order to submit it offline.

Thoroughly complete the application e-form, ensuring all fields are duly filled before submission.

5. Schedule, Pay & Book Appointment:
Following form completion, proceed to pay the requisite fee either online or at the nearest Passport Seva office.

Schedule an appointment at the preferred Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) or relevant passport office based on availability and personal convenience.

6. Scheduling the Appointment:
Select the preferred PSK and appointment slot, validating it with a CAPTCHA code.

Complete the online payment process and receive an appointment number and confirmation via SMS or email.

7. Applying for Diplomatic/Official Passport Online:
Navigate to the Passport Seva Kendra website and register accordingly.

Follow the prompts to 'Apply for Diplomatic Passport' and duly fill out the required form.

Print the completed application and submit it along with the necessary documents to the designated office.

8. Procedure for Submission of e-Form:
Access the official Passport Seva website and download the e-form.

Accurately complete the form, validate it, and save the XML file for subsequent uploading.

Using your registered ID, upload the e-form, then continue with payment and appointment scheduling.

9. Documents Required for Online Passport Application:
Ensure possession of valid age proof, address proof, and documentary proof (if applicable) for a seamless application process.

10. Fees Charged for Passport Application:
Learn about the pricing schedule for the different passport services, such as Tatkaal and ordinary services.

11. Eligibility Criteria for Passport Application:
Applicants must adhere to specific eligibility criteria stipulated by the government, encompassing citizenship status and age prerequisites.

12. Validity of Passport:
Understand the validity period associated with different types of passports, including those issued to minors.

13. Tracking Passport Application Status:
Access the Passport Seva platform, navigate to 'Track Application Status', and input relevant details to monitor application progress.

The digitalization of passport services by the Ministry of External Affairs has significantly streamlined the passport application process for Indian citizens. By adhering to this comprehensive guide, applicants can seamlessly navigate each step, ensuring a hassle-free experience from inception to completion.

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