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WhatsApp Introduces New Privacy Feature to Block Profile Picture Screenshots: How Does It Operate?

WhatsApp Introduces New Privacy Feature to Block Profile Picture Screenshots: How Does It Operate?

WhatsApp, a widely used instant messaging service owned by Meta, has commenced the rollout of a novel feature aimed at augmenting user privacy.

This feature is devised to thwart users from capturing screenshots of other users' profile pictures within the application. While WhatsApp has not made an official announcement regarding this security enhancement, its implementation has been observed and substantiated across various Android devices, as reported by the Times of India.

Presently, this feature appears to be accessible solely on Android smartphones, with indications of its development dating back to February. According to the Times of India report, upon attempting to capture a screenshot of a profile picture, WhatsApp exhibits an error message citing application restrictions, thereby effectively obstructing the action. The functionality of this feature was corroborated through testing conducted by the Times of India tech desk on diverse devices.

WhatsApp Update:

It is noteworthy that this feature appears to be activated by default on Android devices, lacking an option for its deactivation. Reports suggest that WhatsApp might introduce a toggle option to disable this feature in forthcoming updates.


Despite the implementation of this security measure, its efficacy is subject to limitations. While WhatsApp bars users from capturing full-size profile pictures, they retain the capability to capture screenshots of the smaller preview that emerges upon tapping on a contact's display picture from the chat list. Subsequently, users can magnify these screenshots to procure a larger rendition of the image.

WhatsApp's integration of the screenshot-blocking feature signifies a stride towards fortifying user privacy within the application. Nonetheless, the persistence of workarounds underscores the ongoing challenges in achieving comprehensive privacy safeguarding. As users adapt to these alterations, one can anticipate further updates and adjustments from WhatsApp to adeptly address evolving privacy concerns.

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